Who we are

SureChoice Pharma Phils., Inc. is a Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Company specializing in the development, promotion, and distribution of medicines and nutritional supplements to hospitals, clinics, leading drugstores, and other institutions.

Incorporated and established in the Philippines in September 2006, under a pharmaceutical company of more than 44 years, AM-Europharma Group of Companies, SureChoice Pharma Phils., Inc. was commissioned to initially market and build the brands of its mother company, AM-Europharma Corporation, a pharmaceutical company of more than 44 years.

SureChoice began with a small group of medical representatives promoting products to doctors in Metro Manila. Finding success with its marketing strategies, SureChoice now serves nationwide. From a few selected products, the company now has a wide range of products for complete wellness for everybody at every age.

What we do

Envisioned to be a major player in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, SureChoice is committed to continuously deliver and develop trusted and innovative formulas for health, wellness, beauty, and performance for the prevention and cure of many health concerns.

SureChoice takes pride in owning the entire development process of all its products; from the creation of new and exciting formulas to distribution and promotion.

With due diligence, SureChoice lives up to its superior standards, from the development process, manufacturing to product launching; finished goods are tested for quality and stability. We guarantee that our products are safe, highly effective, premium quality, and yet more affordable.

  • Respect

    We treat employees and customers with dignity and kindness.

  • Innovation

    We are not afraid to try new ideas and new formulas

  • Integrity

    We act truthfully and strive to do the right thing.

  • Social Responsibility

    We actively create and participate in various social manners. We take it as a responsibility to do good things for society at all times.

  • Customer Focus

    We listen to our clients, understand them, and anticipate their needs. We help them achieve their goals and make sure to provide a great customer experience with our company and our products.